In our modest, humble, I’m just spinning on my office chair minding my own business opinion, you 101% need our Modal hijabs in your life …and fast.

It is without a doubt, our most favourite hijab collection launched since starting our journey in 2012. Big statement right? We know.. and THAT is how certain we are.


Our Modal Collection is flying off the shelves in popularity since we launched them in early September and we’re here to tell you 10 reasons why (and to those at the back, un-Modal-ed, why YOU are specifically missing out if you haven’t yet added this hijab to your collection?!)


       1. DURABLE

How frustrating is it when your much loved hijabs begin to bobble? SCREAMS

It is normal for wear and tear to occur after a few months and realistically, fabrics can only last so long. However, with our Modal hijabs, due to the strength of the fibres, the fabric is not prone to bobbling or pilling.


       2. VERSATILE

In or out of the office, our Modal Collection is versatile enough to be worn as both an everyday hijab, as well as a smart hijab for work. Some customers have even worn them for weddings due to the fabrics beautiful sheen finish, it oozes quality. The versatility of this collection means you get your money’s worth.



Taking into consideration the fabric quality and durability our Modal fabric provides, you will undoubtedly be getting more than your money’s worth.



You don’t even have to worry about spending ages styling your hijab because however you choose to wear it, the fabric does the rest. (a bit like a best friend on a bad hijab day). When we say it drapes beautifully, we mean: IT. IS. EFFORTLESS.



Our fabric is easy to dye meaning, we knew designing a perfect colour palette for you would be a straight-forward process, bringing you exclusively all the best selling shades we know you love.



Modal Rayon is a semi synthetic fibre initially created to imitate Silk.

Although we would not describe this collection as SILK, or anything as a fragile or as slippery as silk, the finish of the fabric resembles a Silk-like nature. It has a subtle sheen finish that just oozes quality. Again, not slippery at all. Just quality.


       7. SOFT TO THE TOUCH.

Modal is ridiculously soft and cosy. Rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre created to imitate Silk, which would explain its heavenly softness. *angels sing*



Due to the fabric softness and comfort when wearing this hijab collection, it is hands down a winner. It feels like the type of fabric that whether you wore it on a hot Summers day, or a cold Winters Day, it would still be comfortable. It does not irritate at all.



Measuring at a generous 200 cm in length by 100 cm in width, now that ladies, is the perfect full coverage hijab. However you choose to wear your hijab, there is plenty fabric to be versatile with.


       10.  BREATHABLE

Although Cotton is the most sought after hijab for hot climates, we would argue that our Modal Collection is also just as good. The fabric is light and breathable and does not irritate when worn like some Polyester fabrics do. We would recommend this hijab during those Summer days.


So there you have it, 10 reasons why you need our Modal Collection in your life.. and fast. It is basically THE BEST fabric we have sourced for you guys, modesty left us at the start of this blog.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try for yourself. You honestly, won’t regret it and we have a no-quibbles 14 working day returns policy.

Our Modal Collection is currently available in 21 shades.






The first synthetic fibre was produced in France in 1884 by a scientist named Hilaire de Chardonnet. In 1889, he manufactured what is known today as rayon.

Rayon was first manufactured for widespread commercial use in 1910.  

According to, the first rayon was referred to as artificial silk, a term that textile markets found offensive. A contest was held to name the new fabric, and more than 10,000 ideas were sent in. None of them was accepted. Legend has it that a member of the committee formed to select a new name for the new textile said, ”Let’s just see if we can shed a ray of light on this problem. Why not the word 'rayon'?” Rayon is derived from the French word meaning rays of light. And so, in 1924 the name of the fabric became rayon.



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