There is nothing worse than feeling unbearably hot in your hijab and unable to cool down.
The heat isn't always kind to us, let alone flattering, (sweaty top lip, smudged eyes, melting face... we've all been there). As disastrous as it can make us appear, it is important to remember at the same time, our reward will be waiting for us with Allah for wearing hijab in such conditions.
... Can I get an AMEEN sisterrr!


As you may know, I recently visited Dubai because hey, don't we all need a break sometimes. I wanted to explore, especially the desert and the simpler way of life. Whilst I was there, I decided to try out our hijab collections so I could give you all my honest opinion and feedback on what I found worked best for me in the hot heat. I took with me the fabrics that we stock here at AWRA, the very same ones we recommend for hot climates, as well as our newer collections that I wanted to try out for myself.



1. Modal Rayon Collection

Modal Rayon is one of our newer collections that has recently arrived. It is undoubtable one of the best fabrics we have stocked since 2012 and we were so excited to present this collection to you. 

Having worn Modal Rayon in the heat of Dubai, where temperatures soared to 38-40 degrees, I would honestly say this was the most comfortable hijab I wore during my time there. It was so comfortable, in fact, I hardly wore anything else.

It was large enough to cover me, I wasn't constantly faffing around with it, trying to put it back into place, it just stayed how I styled it which in turn meant, I wasn't getting irritated and constantly focusing on my hijab style. This is perfect for me, as I love low maintenance styles. It draped beautifully, making every outfit look effortless. It basically does all the hard work for you. I'm wearing this hijab in the image above, in Black.

It didn't make me hot or over heated around my neck at all, and the comfort of it made my time out doors more pleasant and enjoyable. I was focused on my activities because I wasn't over-heating and I just simply felt at ease in my hijab. I would highly recommend this fabric for hot destinations - 100%.

Tried and tested.


2. Soft Cotton Collection

This Collection, which was previously known as our 'Summer Plain Collection' has always ranked high in our recommendations for hot weathers ...and for good reason too. The fabric contains 40% Cotton, making it super light and breathable to wear. 

I wore our Soft Cotton hijab to Atlantis Aqua Adventure Park, because I knew when looking at the fabric, even if it was to get wet, it would stay and I wouldn't loose it in the sea or on the water rides! I wanted more hijab coverage when worn with my burkini and this hijab done the job in a side turban style. The remaining fabric which draped down one side, providing me with more coverage, which made me feel more comfortable throughout the day. I could easily bring it forward and around my chest due to the nice length, should I have wanted to - perfect.

The Cotton made it breathable and also gave it that extra strength when tied and styled. Alhamdulilah, I made the right choice in wearing it on those days. The fabric stayed put and it didn't become amazingly heavy once wet. Cut a long story short, I didn't loose my hijab in the process! (The anxiety... I think that would just be the ultimate public nightmare for me).

Our Soft Cotton has always been a best seller for sisters travelling to hot destinations and I too find it cooling to wear due to both the lightness and the breathability factor of the fabric.

We will insha'Allah have new colours arriving in early November 2019 so good news for anyone travelling soon.


3. Cotton Modal Collection

I found our Cotton Modal really easy to wear. The fabric is thin and light, long in length and easy to style. I would describe it as thin and more delicate in comparison to our Modal Rayon, but it's not transparent at all once styled.

This is also a winner for hot weathers. I still preferred the Modal Rayon, simply due to the size as I prefer a full coverage style, but if any sisters wanted to create other hijab styles in the heat, with a narrower width hijab, then Modal Cotton would be perfect for you. As it's so thin and light, it doesn't make you hot at all, and being a Cotton blend, it helps wonders! 


... So there you have it beauts, my honest opinion on which hijabs here at AWRA I would personally recommend for the heat. If you're travelling to a hot destination soon, this will insha'Allah benefit you. 


Much love,

Nurjan X



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