AWRA Uncovered: Why We Will Always Be Open With You

Here at AWRA, we’ve been around for a while. 

From when we first launched in 2013 as 'AWRA HIJABS' we knew that we were going to do modest fashion differently. Our focus was in presenting high quality, beautiful hijabs at price points everyone could afford. This stemmed from our belief that modest fashion should be affordable and accessible to everyone without compromising quality, and that everyone should be able to look stylish and be comfortable and modest at the same time.

While we sourced designs and materials that we knew our customers would love, our real pride was in the commitment to making sure every single person who bought a hijab from us was 100% happy. We made sure that every person who wrote to, emailed, or called us knew they would reach a real person who was ready to put their concerns first.


It’s now 2019 and we’ve relaunched.  

Things are looking a bit different around here; and we've never been more proud to present AWRA to our customers. Our commitment to you means that we present every item of clothing with the promise that every piece you purchase from AWRA will be of the highest quality and sustainable, innovative design, but based on values we’ve always held dear to our hearts from the start; that the commitment to serving our customers is always front and centre of everything we do.


We know there’s now many more modest fashion brands out there. 

And since we started, we’ve seen many come and go. But what we believe sets us apart from the crowd, and keeps us in the hearts and minds of our customers, is the importance we place on your trust in us.

Earning your trust means proudly taking upon ourselves the responsibility of serving you with integrity, and the people who make our clothes with a fair, healthy working environment.

It’s why we’ll always be open, honest and transparent with you about where your clothes have come from.


It’s why we’ll never allow you to part with your hard earned money on something less than the highest quality that is designed to last long after current trends have faded away.

It’s why when we couldn’t promise that the stitching on our Rayon hijabs would stay 100% intact after washing, we couldn’t sell it at full price. We don’t have to do these things – we choose to.

It’s why AWRA is more than a modest fashion brand.

We believe the Almighty has blessed us with the opportunity to serve you. And serving our customers with integrity is our way of serving Allah. This is why you, our customer, will always come first.




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