Caring for your hijabs is important. It will determine the lifespan of your hijab and if cared for properly, your hijabs can last you for years.

We're here to help.


We recommend hand washing our plain hijabs in cold water as a safer alternative than machine washing natural, delicate fabrics. Kindly note, natural plain fabrics must always be washed in cold water. Any other temperature may cause colours to run. This is not due to the quality but the nature of the delicate fibres and the fact we use non-toxic dyes (just to be clear).

1. Add a mild detergent to cold water, giving it a quick swirl. You can use a mild detergent or an eco-friendly version, such as Castile liquid soap. Avoid using any detergents that contain bleach (otherwise you will end up with a different coloured hijab and we told you so!) Remember, these are natural fabrics.

2. To remove stains or makeup, carefully rub the stained area with your chosen detergent or stain removing solution prior to hand-washing. This is known as spot cleaning and is especially important when washing our Ombré hijab for example. (You don't want to mix the colour Black with light blue, no no).

3. Place your hijab in the cool water and gently move the fabric now and again by submerging and gently agitating the water. 

4. Allow your hijab to soak for approx 15 mins and then rinse with cold water.

5. Gently press any excess water out of the hijab between your hands, avoiding any friction.

It's important to never wring or twist your hijab fabric. It's an absolute no no, as this may cause damage to the fibres and the stitching. The shape may change but this is totally normal as the fabric will regain its original shape once steamed or ironed. We recommend steam ironing always!

In order to protect the delicate nature of the fabric when wet, avoid using the dryer. The dryer could damage the fibres and may cause the hijab to shrink. It is always best to allow the hijab to naturally air dry flat, on a rail or over the staircase banister.

TIP: Do not leave your hijabs in the sun to dry, as the sun rays can cause the colour to fade. Our fabrics are made from natural fibers, so they must be treated like the delicate fabrics they are.

Once dried, you can go ahead and iron or steam your hijab. This will help regain the original shape. 

TIP: Steam irons work best and never burn fabrics!

Remember to never submerge different colours into the same basin when washing. Our Ombré hijabs are a classic example of this as each colour will need to be washed separately (eg. Black and light Sage).

Each hijab must be washed separately.

Hot/warm water must not be used, we only recommend a cold hand wash for natural, plain fabrics. Hot water unlocks our dyes and causes the colour to run (as we don't use the horrid toxic chemicals that adhere colours to fabrics).

Alternatively, if washing your hijabs is a chore, there's always the option of dry cleaning. There are many online dry cleaning services within the UK that will collect and drop off your items within 24 hours.



Our prints are mainly dry clean (please see product listing for each specific hijab). 

Due to the variety of colours in our designs, (that can involve light and dark tones on each print), we recommend dry-cleaning. Darker colours can run into lighter colours if washed in water. To confirm, this does not reflect poor quality in our products, this is very normal for natural fabrics. We don't use toxic chemicals during our dyeing process that normally help adhere toxic-dyes to lower quality fabrics (eg polyester). 

These chemicals are harmful to you and we simply don't support or practice these processes. 

If you choose to not follow our instructions when washing your prints, we can not be held responsible should the colours run. We have recommended dry clean for this reason. 



Our full coverage under-caps are very easy to care for and you will be pleased to know they are suitable for a cool, gentle machine wash. The temperature must be cool only, no warmer than a 30 degree cycle. If you place natural fabrics in hot water, it will wear away at the colour and it will tend to look washed out a lot sooner than necessary. A cool wash will always prolong the life-span of your under-cap.


Just as a side note, kindly don't wear any of our hijabs with damp hair. Not only is this terrible for your hair, it will ruin the hijab.
If you have any questions regarding the care of your hijabs, you are welcome to contact us at - we're always happy to help.


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