Introducing our Luxury Oud Attars

Our luxury fragrance oils are one-of-a-kind.
Each fragrance has been intricately developed and refined resulting in 3 unique, luxury scents: clean, sweet, and floral. Designed to fit perfectly in your handbag, our Luxury Oud oils are compact in size and concentrated in scent. You won't be needing much to smell amazing.

Oud. What is it?  

Oud is one of the most luxurious and expensive natural elements on Earth. First-grade Agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram, making it one of the most expensive raw materials in the world. 

Aquilaria Malaccensis is a tree native to the rainforests of southeast Asia, however it is also very popular in countries such as India and Bangladesh.

For this tree to produce any Agarwood, it must first become infected with mold, which is then distilled into an essential oil.

As its popularity continues to grow in the West, Oud has become a common ingredient in several high-value fragrances, adding a warm, musky aroma.

It is natural, long lasting and beautiful in aroma.

Attar is simply an Arabic term meaning ‘perfumed oil.’

Oud is an element that can be used to create a specific Attar if desired… which we did.


Why we designed our own Oud Attar Collection?

With Ramadan fast approaching for Muslims, it is a month filled with spiritual connection and long nights of prayer. To scent oneself before prayer is an encouraged Sunnah (teachings from our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), which we wanted to implement in our Ramadan Collection this year. All our scents are clean and truly beautiful, not strong and overbearing.


“I still remember the smell of one particular Attar I purchased whilst on Hajj in 2018. I try not to use it too much because I didn’t purchase a large bottle which I truly regret. It’s a gorgeous, clean scent. I only use it during my Ramadan prayers now. Every time I open the bottle to smell it, it takes me right back to my days at Hajj and a time when I needed Allah the most. It’s so beautiful. I would scent myself in this one Attar I purchased, before my prayers, and it’s now become a life-long memory for me. It’s a personal thing, sentimental if you like. This wonderful feeling inspired me to create our own range for our customers this Ramadan in the hope that they too, can create their own memories when standing in front of Allah in prayer.” - Nurjan, Founder & CEO

What is so special about our Oud Attars?

Everything. From the unique blend of natural elements right down to the packaging and bottle size. It’s quick and easy roller-ball application means you can pop this luxurious scent in your handbag and use it wherever you may be. 

Our Oud attars contain no alcohol and no synthetic ingredients that you may see on the market today. Our products are pure in their elements and only the finest ingredients have been used to ensure it’s quality you are receiving.

Our base note for all of our 3 oils is Sandalwood - one of the most expensive woods in the world. Sandalwood is a deep, woody scent and often smells like a mix of floral, rich, balsamic, soft, and sweet accents. Because of its great scent, it is often used a base note in many iconic perfumes and colognes. 

Due to only natural elements used in our Luxury Oud oil collection, they are all 100% vegan (apart from White Whistle, which contains Musk). We’re against animal testing and we have proudly built our brand on our strong ethical values. It would only ever leave an animal smelling beautiful if used, as no harmful chemicals or synthetics are used in our products.

Our oils can last over 8+ hours (up to 24 hours) on the skin due to our base note of Sandalwood, an expensive element. 


Why is your 11ml bottle so expensive?

Oud, Sandalwood, Saffron, Musk are just a few natural elements used in our Luxury Oud Oil Collection. All of which are amongst the Earths most expensive and luxurious ingredients. We have designed the most finest Oud attars for our customers and our price point reflects this fairly. 

We decided to initially launch an 11ml bottle in comparison to an 50ml bottle, which would be worth over £200-£400+

This way, it would make purchasing our Luxury oils more attainable for all customers and not only those who can, Alhamdulilah, easily afford to spend more. 

We always think of your ease.


We have sample sizes!

We highly recommend customers purchase our 0.5ml samples prior to purchasing our 11ml bottles. Kindly note, our 11ml bottle are not refundable due to hygiene reasons. 

...And because we want ease for you, if you decide from your sample purchase that you wish to purchase an 11ml bottle, send us an email with your order number and we will issue you a code for the same value paid for our samples. You can then use this code to deduct the amount from your purchase at checkout. That's one code, per sample.

For example, if you purchase 1 sample for Blanche Silk for £3.50 and you decide you want to purchase the 11ml Blanche Silk bottle, simply email our customer care team with your order number and they will send you a discount code for £3.50 to use at checkout towards your 11ml bottle purchase. (You are basically getting the sample free!)

Any questions, we're always happy to help.



In conclusion, whether you wish to use our Oud Attars during your long night of Taraweeh prayers, during the day, or even gift your loved ones and friends for Eid, we can assure you will not be disappointed. 

Each scent has been designed with a clean aroma, whilst at the same time, each is enhanced by their own individual notes:

Floral Jasmin & Oud notes, heavy notes - Jasmin Fleur

Sweet, Musk & Sandalwood, light notes - White Whistle

and (our personal favourite) clean, Rose & Sandalwood more-ish notes! - Blanche Silk


If you have any questions regarding our Oud Attar collection, we’re always happy to help. You can contact us at

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