Our best hijab fabrics for Summer

Feeling the heat? We hear you sister. Summer has arrived and if you're in London, you're basically in the equivalent of an oven switched up to its full capacity. The winds like to torture us on this side of the world and disappear when we most need them. 

Lightweight and breathable hijab fabrics are a MUST for these weathers, and we have just the perfect suggestions to help you through the hottest seasons.



Our Fine Modal Ombrés were designed and woven by our team specially for the Summer months. We wanted to design a lightweight and breathable fabric for our customers which would not make them overheat. It's flexible and super soft so styling is very easy and straightforward.

This sustainable fabric also does not pill easily so it will last you many years if cared for properly. You won't have to worry about the fabric surface producing bobbles after a few washes because our weaves are simply the best if we may humbly say so.

Handmade using toxic-free dyes, our Fine Modals are not only great to wear during the Summer months, but are also not harmful to your skin or health. We use no toxic chemicals during our dyeing processes ensuring not only are the environments safe but also, that we deliver you the highest quality of sustainable hijab designs.

If you prefer plain hijabs, we also have a growing collection of Fine Modal Plain hijabs.



Our second recommendation for the Summer months would be our Premium Modal Collection ...surprisingly very cooling. We can safely say this after being guinea pigs and test running our collections in the heat.

Our Premium Modal is a high quality weave. Once worn, it is beautifully breathable, allowing air to flow through keeping you as cool as possible during hot climates. Loose, airy styles work perfectly with this fabric and are best styled with our non-snag hijab magnets. It's softness and malleable nature allows for easy hijab styling meaning you have less to fuss with. Did we mention our Premium Modal collection is also toxic-free?



You can perfectly pair with any hijab for effortless, loose styling without the worry of your neck being exposed. Simply drape your chosen hijab over your cap (no pins needed!) flick over your shoulder and away you go. Our full-coverage under-caps have been 2 years in the making, due to intense testing of cooling fabrics that will last you many wears. 



Designed for light and airy hijab styling in the scorching Summer heat are our gorgeous light weight fabrics in Light Modal and Fine Modal. Although very similar in weight, our Fine Modal has just that bit extra of a lustrous sheen to the surface of the fabric (very much like our Fine Modal Ombrés!)

Pair these colours with our full-coverage under-caps for easy hijab styling this Summer.


If you have any questions regarding our fabrics, we are always here to help.

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