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So it’s the time of the year when the sun shines to its fullest, and people come out of their bubbles to enjoy this bright season. However, for hijabi queens, this hot season is a bit overwhelming. Though modest dressing and wearing hijab are blessings, the blazing heat outside these days is not easy to beat.

However, it’s not difficult to balance your style and comfort in summer while wearing a hijab. This guide will help you beat the Summer heat without compromising your hijab fashion.


Keep in Mind Why You’re Wearing Hijab.

Hijab is not easy, especially when a scorching heat is hovering around. Especially when someone approaches you with a saying: Aren’t you feeling hot? You do! But when you know why you are wearing hijab, this question doesn’t annoy you.

Women hold a special value in Islam, so Islam encourages modest clothing for Muslim women. Just like wudhu (ritual ablution) is requisite to cleanse our body and enable us to worship, the hijab is necessary to protect women from the foul eyes of men.


Allah says in the Holy Quran;

And tell the believing women to keep their heads down, maintain their modesty, and keep their adornment hidden unless it is absolutely necessary for them to be seen; they should draw their veils over their bosoms and keep their beauty hidden from anyone but their husbands. (Qur'an, verse 24:31)

So, you should understand that removing the hijab will not change the weather but would compromise your principles.

Besides being a sign of modesty, the hijab is a defence for women against harmful sun rays. Keeping your skin bare in the hot season means the UV rays directly penetrate your skin, especially if your head is uncovered. Have you ever suffered a scalp burn or felt like the heat is beating down your scalp?

Luckily, we already have a way to protect our hair and scalp from the vicious sun. But how do we stay cool while covering it all? Here is how!


Choose a light-weight fabric.

With 40°C temperature outside, you can’t afford to wear a hijab with polyester or nylon. A lightweight and breathable fabric, such as our Fine Modal or Light Modal weaves, will save you from a lot of hassle.

These soft-to-touch fabrics will protect you from intense warm rays and keep your comfort at the utmost level.

Rayon and Silk are also known to be the best fabric for hijab in summer. Such fabrics absorb sweat and circulate air, keeping you cool and relaxed. So choose your fabric wisely and keep up with your modest look while enjoying the hot season.

A light material scarf can easily slip away, so you can wear a cotton bandana or an under-cap, under your hijab, to avoid such issues.


Opt for loose clothing. 

Complementing your hijab style with tight clothes is a recipe for disaster in summer. Additionally, the purpose of hijab is not only to cover your body but also to avoid revealing your body shape. 

On the other hand, loose clothes do not cling to your body and let cool air flow smoothly. This summer, a light-colored long skirt with a wide kimono or tucked-in blouse and a Light Modal hijab should be your look. So loose sleeves, jeans, and long skirts will be your best friends in the hot season. 


Wear light coloured hijabs.

Just like hijab fabric, your colour choices make a big difference. Though black has an irresistible charm, you must avoid wearing this color in summer. Black, navy and other dark colors absorb more light which converts into heat, making you feel hotter. 

Opt for neutral shades like White, Grey, Pink, powdery Beige, Cream, pastels, Mint, and other subtle colors. Such colors divert heat away from your face and keep you cool. 


Avoid layering. 

Many girls layer their Western clothes to get requisite body coverage, for instance, layering pants under a skirt or a long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved one. It may sound not weird in the winter season, but if you are going to have this layered look in summer, you are asking to be miserable. 

Avoid wearing dresses that need layers to cover your body. You can copy native Muslim cultures, such as Abaya from Arabia, cotton jilbabs from Turkey and Jordan, or a shalwar kameez from Pakistan. Mixing your Western style with these cultural dresses will create your unique identity while keeping you cool and comfy. 


Go for simple hijab styles.

Even if you embrace light-colored and breathable fabrics, how you wrap them around your head is equally as important. You can skip too-tight scarf styles in favor of a loose, airy one in the hot Summer. 

Though there are a plethora of eye-catching hijab styles, avoid fancy designs and let the air in this summer by pairing light Modal hijabs with an under-cap for loose, and airy hijab styling. This will go amazing with loose summer clothing too. 

Try not to opt for those styles that demand multiple time wraps around your head. If your hijab style makes you sweat, suffocate, or get a headache, save it for the winter months and try something airy to beat the scorching heat outside. 


In conclusion. 

Hijab enlightens the modesty and purity of a woman wearing it. Not only does it protect you from the male gaze, but it also creates a defence between your head and harmful sun rays. 

You can keep up with your trendy hijab styles while beating the heat.
Always choose a breathable and light-weight hijab fabric, go for light and cool colors, and avoid layering as much as possible.

Additionally, save overly wrapped hijab styles for the winter season and keep a loose or turban wrap to let the air in and smoothly get through this hot season without compromising your religious principles.



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