Our Modal range has drastically expanded and you're probably wondering which Modal hijab is best for you. Don't worry baby boo, we're here to help.



Modal is a luxurious, durable and sustainable textile. Here at AWRA, we believe Modal is perfect for hijab. This is why we have invested in new weaves, fibres and qualities so that we can bring you the best selection.

It's also a breathable fabric, flexible, and soft in its qualities. 

As Modal is long lasting, it doesn't pill easily (or at all!) which means wash after wash, your hijab will last you for years to come. Yes, it's more expensive in comparison to other low quality fabrics you may see on the market, but the benefits and value you will gain from wearing Modal is immense. It's worth investing in. 




If you're looking for an everyday, sturdy type of fabric, then Cotton Modal would be best suited for you. This material is great if you love creating volumized hijab styles that hold and don't fall flat. There's enough stiffness in this fabric (from the mix of Cotton fibers) to hold your styles. It is also ideal for creating points around the face if this is how you wear your hijab. The material is still soft to the touch and a beautiful quality. Our Cotton Modal Collection is the thickest in feel in comparison to our other Modal collections. For this reason, we would recommend this fabric for colder climates.




Luxurious is the best way we would describe Lenzing™ Modal. This fabric technology offers a natural softness and supple feel we know can be effortlessly styled ...and we're here for it!

If you like loose looks or hijab styles that drape around the face with beanies/caps, this fabric would work well. The material has a very subtle sheen, boasting a beautiful luxury. Lenzing™ Modal is great for moisture control due to the breathable fiber technology. This makes it a wonderful hijab to wear all year round.

The weave is a tight weave too, contributing towards its beautiful quality. Lenzing™ is certified as a biodegradable and compostable fabric.

Our Lenzing™ Modal collection can be worn as an everyday hijab however, it would work really well for smart wear too. You can have the best of both worlds.




Unmatched. Our Premium Modal is arguable the most premium quality out of all our Modal hijabs (hence the name wink wink). It is the lightest in weight and has the smoothest surface texture out of all of our Modals. You can feel the softness, it's no joke.

Our Premium Modal is very similar to our Lenzing™ Modal, but with that extra added PAZAZ! The quality is just that bit more and it's worth every penny. It's our favourite out of all our Modals. Unlike the sheen of our Lenzing™ Modal Collection, our Premium Modals have a Matte soft surface.

Due to its lightness, they are perfect for a variety of hijab styling. The drapes falls beautifully and it oozes elegance. Our Premium Modal collection can be worn as an everyday hijab but they would also be ideal for smart work wear.

This collection can be worn in all seasons and is also available in our Premium Modal Ombré Collection.




If you love bouncy-soft fabrics with a subtle texture, our Modal Twill Collection is for you. The twill texture is created during the weaving process, setting this collection apart from our other Modals. We would best describe the fabric as a bouncy cloud, it's really soft and really comfortable to wear. It is our only textured Modal and due to it's comfortable qualities, you can find both our plain and print designs available in Modal Twill.




Our Fine Modal Collection is only available in our Ombré design.

This Collection has been designed specially for the Summer months. The fabric is very fine, thin and weightless. It's also the smallest in our large hijab sizes measuring 200 cm x 85 cm

The surface is very smooth and soft with an added lustrous sheen. The colours are vivid and striking, especially once styled. Fine Modal is overall, a beautiful hijab for hot climates.


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  • Polyester and nylon chiffons are not very breathable
    due to their man made fibre content –
    this means that clothing made from it will stick to your body!

    kashi on
  • Salaam sister, which of your collection of hijabs is like a chiffon material? I’m looking for a chiffon hijabs which are long, but I don’t know which hijab on your website is more like a chiffon materal.

    Karishma on

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