Why we don't support Black Friday sales


It’s that time of year again where consumers get sucked into the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ Black Friday deals. The time of year when huge businesses offer massive discounts on products and garments that, let’s face it, not everyone actually needs or will end up wearing! It’s a new culture of panic buying for the best deal, that we simply don’t support.


black friday sales


We fully support offering small discounts at this time of year for consumers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford our designs. We know this as a fact, as we have a small base of customers that tell us they love our products but can only afford to buy them when we offer discounts. This is totally understandable and we fully support customers that need our products but don’t necessarily have the budget. We’re grateful for their support and custom.

Our collections may be priced higher than fast fashion hijab companies because our workers are paid a good wage and we design our hijabs in-house. For a designer item, we are priced extremely fairly, because we want our customers to have sustainable, quality hijabs at fair prices. Our designs are our own and are not mass produced or selected from a fast fashion factory that offer cheaper alternatives. Our fabrics are designed to last.

Time, love, research and care goes into our collections. We only ever produce our designs in quantities we know will sell. There is never any waste or excess and it's something we're proud of as a company. We offer our customers quality and hijabs that we know will last them for years to come and our prices are reflective of this. We got you.

The problem is over-consumption and panic buying. This includes items of low quality and value which have most surely been made by poor garment workers that are not paid fairly. There are thousands of huge businesses who have refused to pay their workers since the start of the pandemic by cancelling contracts and refusing to pay factories... the same directors that have taken home millions in bonuses from their businesses, whilst workers go hungry. It's corrupt, greedy and an exploitation of the most vulnerable in this world. These businesses have left millions of workers without wages to feed - or in extreme cases, shelter their families. It's the ugly truth behind fast fashion.



"Tens of millions of people work in the global garment and sportswear industry. The vast majority of them work extremely long hours, for very little pay. Sweatshop wages can be found from Asia to Eastern Europe to Latin America, with major brands admitting that literally zero of their workers earn a living wage" ~ Clean Clothes campaign


The sad truth is, once an unconscious consumer has become bored of the garment due to a new fashion trend emerging, it will either get thrown away due to the poor quality (fast fashion in a nutshell) or it will eventually end up in the landfill with the rest of the overproduced clothing the fast fashion industry offers. 

It’s generating more waste that our planet and environments can cope with.

This is our Earth, and we encourage customers to shop consciously with brands that offer products and garments that will not only last, but have been made ethically and sustainably. As a consumer, you choose who you support when you hand your money over to businesses… just be sure it’s the right business you choose to support.

You hold the power as a consumer in the growth of companies. The more sales they generate, the larger they grow but do they do the right thing as they grow? Do workers suffer as they grow? Do they produce excess products that pollute the planet as they grow? 

We encourage you to shop wisely and consciously this Black Friday.




For more information regarding the exploitation of workers across the globe, you can visit clean clothes campaign 


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