Founded in 2012, AWRA originally launched as 'awra hijabs' and has since grown into one of London's leading modest fashion brands.

March 2019 set a new milestone - the launch of our clothing line and rebrand. We are a team passionate about designing modest garments in-house, that are both loose in accordance to islamic dress, whilst still maintaining quality and style.

Our concepts and style are heavily influenced by urban, casual trends.

Our name AWRA is an Arabic term referring to the areas of the body that are required to be covered in islamic practice. We only ever stock large sized hijabs and design clothing in accordance (clothing that easily covers the awrah).

Our brand vision aims to provide our customers with beautiful, quality designs, as well as great customer service. 

We work ethically with manufacturers from start to finish, everyone is treated and paid fairly. We believe in ethical production and never compromise our values as a brand over making quick profit. We are not a fast fashion company.

We sponsor orphans on a monthly basis. All customers contribute to this when they purchase our products whether knowingly or unknowingly, everyone receives a share in the Sadaqah Jariyah (perpetual charity). It's our way of giving back. We are continuously expanding our orphan sponsorship and we have recently started supporting an orphanage.

Our packaging can be recycled and is also biodegradable, as we understand how important it is for fashion brands to be aware of the Earth and how our production processes can either support or destroy the environments we live in.

We are continuously educating our team on how we can better develop our materials and practices in order to be more environmentally friendly as a company. Going forward, we aim to work mainly with natural and sustainable fabrics. 


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